LiveMarketer is a real-time data visualization tool from IgnitionOne, and a key component of IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence offering.  It displays the real-time activity on a marketers website, including engagement history, product interests, IgnitionOne Score, and other insights for each individual customer.

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1) Customer Avatar

2) IgnitionOne Score

3) Customer Journey Stage

4) Product Interests

5) Click for Product Interest detail

6) Engagement History

7) Click for Engagement History detail

8) Media Exposures

9) Click for Media Exposure & Attribution detail

10) Manually send Proactive Message to User

Try Out LiveMarketer for yourself!  In the interface below, you see real-time engagement on a marketer’s website – including “bubbles” that represent individual customer activity.  Click on a bubble below to view insights about a key customer.

  • Each bubble represents an individual customer on a marketer’s website
  • As a customer further engages, the bubble appears larger on the screen
  • The striped vertical lanes represent products or categories
  • Click on any bubble to see insights about that individual customer:  a summary of media exposures, their customer journey, product interests, and other details
  • On the profile overlay, you can click on the “drawer” icons (towards the right edge of the overlay) for additional details

Color of avatars change from blue to orange to red depending on the lifecycle stage:


  • Cold Prospect
  • New Customer
  • Infrequent Customer
  • Hot Prospect
  • Abandoners
  • Converted customer
  • Loyal Customer

Proactive Interactions include:

  • Webchat
  • Personalized Website Interaction
  • Coupon/Voucher
  • Winbacks for lapsed/inactive customers