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Digital marketing has the potential to achieve the dreams marketers have held for generations: the ability to directly reach potential customers at the right time, with the right message, every time. But what holds us back as an industry are the divisions between marketing silos that keep us from accessing truly actionable insights across all marketing strategies. 


We have written this guide to serve as a valuable resource when mapping out how to approach integrated digital marketing in your organization. 


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Truly integrated marketing is the end goal for many marketers. However, there are so many pieces to link and so many silos to knock down along the way. While integrating technology and centralizing data to act on is clearly important, none of that will work without first addressing the most important (and challenging) piece of the puzzle: the organization.

Technology and data are at the center of an integrated marketing strategy. The right solution will best match the marketer ’s needs and create both operational and technical efficiencies and consistency.

Centralizing allows you to actually obtain a clear picture of your users, how they interact with your marketing efforts, conclude what is successful and then automate your optimizations.

Integrating your marketing not only makes it simpler, it also make it more effective. When you have your organization, your tools, your data and your strategies aligned you can acheive the dream of digital marketing. This guide walks you through the challenges and offers suggestions to overcome them. True integrated marketing is within your grasp.

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“It is possible to integrate your marketing. Break down those silos, break down the walls, connect the dots and centralize data, tools and efforts. ”

- Will Margiloff C.E.O. IgnitionOne